Unfair Bullfight Involving Bulldozer and Tractor

What happens to a bull who refuses to fight the matador in a bullfight? Watch the video below to find the answer.

In the town of Pinar in Spain’s Andalucia region, a ten-ton bulldozer was summoned into the ring to force the terrified bull to fight the matador.

The video shows the bulldozer operator laughing as the bull desperately runs away and finds a way to escape. The bulldozer even tries to scoop up the helpless animal, goading it into repeatedly charging until it is bleeding and exhausted. Finally, a matador steps back in to finish off the bull and many spectators cheer the hideously unfair contest.

The next video shows that a tractor is used to terrorize and force the persistent bulls out of the ring/arena. Finally, after few rounds of tractor escort, the bulls are leaving the arena and the people are cheering.

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