Think Twice Before You Smoke Shisha

Shisha or hookah is an instrument for smoking flavored tobacco. Many people think that shisha is a safe alternative to cigarette due to its fruity smell and lack of tobacco aftertaste, but they are wrong.


For the first time, Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) launches a campaign to educate public on the dangers of shisha smoking, right at the shisha hotspot at Kampong Glam’s Haji Lane. In addition to distributing flyers, SingTel mobile phone subscribers who come within 1km of Kampong Glam will receive a multimedia message in the form of an 18-second video.

Fact #1: Since shisha smoking is usually done as as a social activity, different people will take turns to share the pipe. This will increase the risk of spreading infections like tuberculosis and influenza. Furthermore, shisha cafes do not wash their equipment regularly.

Fact #2: The water in the glass jar does not remove harmful chemicals such as nicotine. The water “filtered” smoke can damage the body just as much as cigarette smoke.

Fact #3: Smoking 1g of shisha is equivalent to smoking 100 sticks of cigarettes. Shisha causes many of the same ailments as cigarettes, including cancer, respiratory illness and gum disease.

Watch this video on how to “kill” yourself by smoking shisha :)

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