Spanair – Unexpected Luggage


Here’s a story that puts a smile on my face today. European airline Spanair decided to surprise 190 passengers flying on December 24 from Barcelona to Las Palmas with Christmas Presents. And not just stupid little gifts. Real presents. Wow! I wish all airlines were as awesome as this…

It Costs $82,000 to Light the One Million Christmas Lights at this House


Christmas is here! For many home owners, decorating for the holidays is a chance to spend time with the family and share holiday joy with their neighbors, friends, and anyone else who drives by—or maybe flies over in an airplane. But it also can be quite a costly undertaking. The Faucher family of Delaware put $82,000 on the table with one million Christmas lights decoration. That’s right! one millions lights, $82,000 —not to mention the notorious energy leeches that take a toll on your electric bill.

Santa Claus is Real!


It’s hard to believe the existence of Santa Claus, but the fact is, there is Santa Claus. Not a person, but a city/town.

Santa Claus is a town located in Indiana, United States. Originally, the town was named Santa Fe but when it was working to establish a Post Office, the US Postal Service refused their application due to name duplicate. Meetings were held and Santa Claus was selected as the city name.