7 Things You Should Know About Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ HQ


Apple is planning to build a “spaceship” headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., and that building has several features you would love to hear about.

iPhone 5 Craze Hits Singapore


Apple officially launched iPhone 5, the latest generation of iPhone, on 21September worldwide, including Singapore.

Not surprisingly, iPhone fever hits the Lion country and makes hundreds or even thousands of Apple fanboys who want to upgrade their phones spend hours queueing to be among the firsts to own the latest gadget.

Commercial Airlines Look to Apple’s iPad For Paperless Cockpits


Following early approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for charter airlines to use iPad in airplane cockpits, major commercial airline companies like Delta are exploring the possibility of using Apple’s touchscreen tablet to ditch paper maps entirely.

Coming Soon: iPad on Jetstar Flights


Jetstar Airways, an Australian low-cost airline, subsidiary of Qantas, will offer an in-flight iPad rental service on its domestic and international flights. The in-flight iPads will come pre-loaded with a wide array of music books, magazines, movies and games.

Macbook Cake


Pics of Macbook Cake! These are pretty adorable and deserve its own post. This guy/girl (not sure), Shelby, got a Macbook birthday cake. Maybe underneath the cake the real Macbook will appear – thats even better