Singapore Airline’s Last Boeing 747 Flight

After four decades of service, Singapore Airlines has bid farewell to the last of its Boeing 747 fleet. The airline held a special return trip on 7 April 2012 from Singapore to Hong Kong to commemorate the aircraft’s retirement. The Boeing 747 aircraft made its final touchdown in Singapore’s Changi Airport at 7.30pm.

In 1973, SIA received delivery of the first two Boeing 747s. In 2003, it had 51 B747s at its peak.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 747

More than 350 passengers as well as staff, media and other guests from around the world flew on the final flights.

The commemorative flights had an extended flying time of one hour, to enable those on board to cherish the final Boeing 747 experience. Passengers enjoyed specially crafted meal services, in-flight entertainment and limited edition B747 memorabilia.

First class passengers were treated to an exclusive tour of cabin crew training facilities and a B747 flight simulator.

To pay tribute to its Boeing 747 fleet, Singapore Airlines has setup a website which showcases the airline’s journeys with Boeing 747.

Farewell Boeing 747…

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