Sega Toylets, Play While You Pee

Sega may be behind Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in the world of video game console. However, it doesn’t mean that the company stops innovating and developing games for other platforms. They recently showcased Toylets, a new gaming platform for men to be played while they stood at the urinal.

Sega Toylets

Toylets uses a strategically-positioned pressure sensor inside the porcelain hull of a public urinal. The pressure exerted by a stream of urine aimed at the sensor by the “player” serves as controls for the mini games on a display screen on the wall above the urinal. There are four mini games developed.

  • Manneken Pis – This game measures how much pee you peed in milliliters via a cherub urinating into a bottle in front of Mount Fuji.
  • Graffiti Eraser – Remove graffiti from a wall with a virtual hose, the direction and pressure are controlled by your urine stream.
  • The North Wind and Her – Your pee is transformed into virtual wind is then used to blow the dress off a girl.
  • Milk from Nose – Force your opponent out of the sumo ring by blowing milk through your character’s nose to your opponent.

Also, check out images of the games here, courtesy of Akihabara News.

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