Macbook Cake

I stumbled upon this pic of Macbook Cake, which I think is pretty adorable and deserves its own post although I am a PC. This guy/girl (not sure), Shelby, got a Macbook birthday cake. Maybe underneath the cake the real Macbook will appear – thats even better. The keyboard is kinda messed up. How come the keyboard says “Happy Birthday”? Isn’t it supposed to be QWERTY?

Hmmm… from behind, I still think there is a hidden brand new Macbook inside… Macbook Air Maybe (since it is very thin). They have to make sure Shelby cut the cake carefully, otherwise the magical device get damaged.

Got another one, this time it is the upper tier, Macbook Pro cake, and the keyboard is not messed up. Hmm… Looking at these pics, I remember I used to get cakes such as trains and cartoon characters cakes when I was a kid. But computing was still at its infancy back then.

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