Indonesia, The BlackBerry Nation

Welcome to Indonesia, the BlackBerry nation!

While people in other countries have ditched their BlackBerry phones and switched to iPhone or Android phones, Indonesians still remain loyal to BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Logo

Indonesians of all segments (housewives, students, office workers, drivers and even park rangers) are hooked up to their BlackBerry phones almost everywhere: in shopping malls, restaurants, schools, offices and even remote locations. Some people even carry two or three BlackBerry phones! A joke in Indonesia says that you may end up being a social outcast or labeled as uncool if you don’t have a BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), dubbed as the killer app, is one of the main reasons that kept BlackBerry so popular in Indonesia. The fact is that Indonesians love to chat and connect with their friends and BlackBerry Messenger is the platform which enables that to happen.

It is clear that Indonesia is a BlackBerry nation for now and BlackBerry is definitely going to dominate the country unless iPhone, Android or Nokia catch up. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts.

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