Hysteria at Hong Kong Airport

WARNING!!! The following video may be disturbing. Please turn down your speaker’s volume.

This Chinese woman freaked out at the Hong Kong international airport after missing her flight. The middle-aged woman was running and charging at a security guard at the departure gate, before crying and screaming “Haiyaaahhhhh…!!!,” banging the desk, rolling, crawling, and laying on the floor in a rant that lasts about three minutes.

An elderly man tried to pull her to her feet but she shouted in Cantonese: “I want to go, I want to go!!” “Don’t be so upset, don’t be so emotional,” said a male Cathay Pacific staff member trying to calm her on the video.

This incident occurred earlier this month. Cathay Pacific said it had already closed the aircraft’s doors and had offloaded the woman’s baggage. Therefore, the airline was unable to allow her to board the flight to San Francisco. Finally, Cathay Pacific “rewarded” her effort by putting her and her two travel companions on a later flight to Los Angeles, at no extra cost. :)

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