How to Ride MRT in Singapore?

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a major transportation means in Singapore. It spans the entire Singapore from north to south and east to west. Some of the reasons to ride MRT: convenient, not expensive, and relatively fast. Here we’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to ride the MRT.

Step 1: Locate a nearby MRT station

Look for this sign (see picture below) for MRT station. Every station should have this sign at its entrance(s).

SMRT Station

Step 2: Look for the MRT system map

The system map (click the map image below for high-resolution map) is everywhere in the station, e.g. near the entrance, in the ticketing machine area, or passenger service office. Find out the station you are at right now, the station you are going to, and how many stops/transfers you need to get there. You can skip this step if you’re already familiar with the map.


Step 3: Get the EZ-link card or standard ticket

If you are planning to ride the MRT/buses frequently, consider purchasing the EZ-link card (see picture below) at the ticket office (not the passenger service). The EZ-link card is a contactless smartcard, used for making payments for goods and services in Singapore, mainly transportation services. Patrons using an EZ-link card receive a discount for their journey, including a discount if they use a connecting bus after their MRT ride.

New EZ-linkNew EZ-link

Click here for more information on the new EZ-Link card.

The General Ticketing Machines (GTMs) at each station allow commuters to purchase additional credit to add to their EZ-Link cards or to purchase standard tickets (green color) for single trips. Fares for these single-trip forms of these cards range are between one or two times the expense of non single-trip tickets. In addition, a S$1.00 refundable ticket deposit is charged for each Standard Ticket. This refund can be collected from any General Ticketing Machine when the card is returned to the machine within 30 days of purchase.

General Ticketing Machine (GTM)

Step 4: Check in and wait on the platform

Check in by tapping your card on the reader at the fare gates. The platform is usually located one (or more) level(s) below or above. Follow the directions and use the escalator or elevator (lift) to get into the right platform. Plasma TVs are located everywhere at the station to provide arrival and destination information. Wait for the train to arrive.

Fare gates

Plasma TV at MRT station

Step 5: When the train arrives…

* Stay away from the tracks, stand behind the yellow line.

* Let the alighting passengers get off the train first.

* Board on the train and enjoy your ride.

MRT Platform


Singapore is a “fine” city, so please don’t do the following… SMRT enforces a strict no eating/drinking regulation. Please do not eat or drink (including sweet/candy or water) onboard the train. See related articles:

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