Hong Kong Airlines Trains Flight Attendants In Kung Fu

Everyone knows that flight attendants must be trained in foreign languages, grooming/make up and passenger service. However, for Hong Kong Airlines, a proficiency in Kung Fu martial art is a must for its flight attendants.

Hong Kong Airlines Trains Flight Attendants In Kung Fu

Hong Kong Airlines has made it mandatory for its stewards and stewardesses to get trained in Wing Chun, a style of Kung Fu used in close-range combat in small, confined spaces, to help them deal with drunk and unruly passengers more effectively.

Wing Chun has been practiced in China for hundreds of years. It involves fast striking and grappling moves and simultaneous defense and attack. In popular Chinese movies, Ip Man, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan use this Kung Fu style.

What’s more, two weeks ago a stewardess has already used her newly gained Bruce Lee Kung Fu moves into action on a flight from Beijing to Hong Kong.

“One of the passengers was sick but he was probably drunk and felt unwell. The crew member attended to him and she realized her fitness was helping her, especially because the guy was quite heavy,” said Eva Chan, the carrier’s deputy general manager of corporate communication, to the Sunday Morning Post. “The airline had an average of three incidents involving disruptive passengers every week,” she added.

The airline’s new video advertisement features an air stewardess who uses her free-flowing Kung Fu moves to point out the destinations that the carrier serves. The video also ends with the boast that all the cabin crew are trained in Wing Chun style.

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