Heathrow Airport Prank Announcements

Here’s what happened when two guys played a prank at London’s Heathrow Airport by writing down strange passenger names and asking the airport information counter to announce the names on the airport’s public announcement system.

Passenger names: Arheddis Varkenjaab and Aywellbe Fayed
Sound like: I hate this f****** job and I will be fired

Passenger names: Arhevbin Fayed and Bybeiev Rhibodie
Sound like: I’ve just been fired and bye-bye everybody

Passenger names: Aynayda Pizaqvick and Malexa Kriest
Sound like: I need a piss quick and my legs are crossed

Passenger names: Awul Dasfilshabeda and Nowaynayda Zheet
Sound like: Oo-ah, that feels better and now I need a shit

Passenger names: Makollig Jezvahted and Levdaroum DeBahzted
Sound like: My colleague just farted and left the room, the bastard

Passenger names: Steelaygot Maowenbach and Tuka Piziniztee
Sound like: Still, I got my own back and took a piss in his tea

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