Funny Airport Movie Scenes

The Pink Panther (2006) – French Police Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) goes to New York for murder case investigation. In order to blend better with the New Yorkers, prior to his departure, he hires a dialect coach to train him American English. They practice using “I would like to buy a hamburger” phrase. The “Hamburger” scene is hilariously funny and even after multiple attempts, Clouseau still fails to pronounce the phrase, especially the hamburger word, correctly!

Fast forward to the airport scene… At the airport, Clouseau tells his sidekick Gilbert Ponton (Jean Reno) that he is smuggling a couple of hamburgers in his pockets since the airline food sucks. While talking, a lady switches his bag. He grabs the new bag and proceeds through the security checkpoint, but something in the bag causes the metal detector to beep. A TSA officer pulls him aside and opens his bag which surprisingly contains an array of weapons (a pocketknife, nunchucks, a mace, a grenade, iron knuckles, a hammer, and various other weapons). The TSA officer tells him to empty his pockets. Clouseau tries to tell him that his pockets only contain hamburgers, but the officer cannot understand him due to his bad pronunciation of hamburger word.

Pink Panther Funny Airport Scene

Watch the movie clip below. Go to to 1:37 to skip the hamburger scene and see the airport scene directly.

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