Emirates A380 Features Onboard Shower and Lounge

Emirates is the second carrier to fly the giant double-decker Airbus 380 after Singapore Airlines. Emirates boasted at a ceremony to take delivery of the first of 58 A380s at Airbus’s Hamburg plant that the plane would have two bathrooms with showers in its first-class cabins as well as a lounge for premium travelers.

First-class passengers will be able to take a shower at 43,000 feet and enjoy a drink at the upstairs bar/lounge. But luxury has its limits, passengers could not spend too long relaxing under the jets of water. The showers are regulated through a software program that gives each passenger a five-minute shower only.

Emirates Shower Spa

Emirates Shower Spa

Emirates Onboard Lounge

Now, watch the brief inside the plane tour video!

For more information, please visit the Emirates website here.

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