Did You Know You Can Play Snake on Youtube?

Not sure how long has this been available but I was watching the StarCraft II Launch Trailer and one of the comment dated 19 minutes ago mentioned that YouTube allows you to play a game of Snake on the video…

It says this: “Click the video twice (once to activate it and once again to make it play) and hit the up & left arrows, you can play snake :)”

Guess what?! Yes, indeed! I’ve tried myself and can confirm that you really can play Snake.

Here’s how it works. Click the video area twice so the video area will be marked as most-front and active window. Then if you press or hold on the left arrows on your keyboard, it will trigger the game of Snake.

Snake, of course, is a classic game that has been around forever – move your snake around the screen and gobble up pellets, increasing your length as you do, without hitting the edges.

I heard that this Snake features requires the YouTube video being categorized in “gaming.” Also, it seems that there are additional requirements. You have to be on the actual YouTube video page. Running the video on embed mode also will not do it.

Watch the demo video above, and try it yourself :)

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