China Comic and Animation Museum

China is planning to build a museum devoted for comic and animation. The China Comic and Animation Museum (CCAM) will be located on Baima (White Horse) Lake in Hangzhou. The museum is expected to cost about RMB 1 billion and is set to be completed in 2013.

China Comic and Animation Museum

The winning design by an international architectural firm MVRDV, is inspired by the comic speech/dialog balloon. The museum will have a total of eight speech-balloon-shaped buildings and be part of a 32,000 square-meter complex that will include parks, plaza and an exhibition center.

The China Comic and Animation Museum’s collections will feature both domestic and international works. Inside the museum, there will be theaters, a cartoon exhibition hall and a comic hall. One of the balloons is also entirely devoted to interactive experiences where visitors can experiment with animation techniques including blue screen, stop motion and drawing.

Watch the video of the China Comic and Animation Museum design by MVRDV.

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