Microsoft’s Vision On Future Homes


The Microsoft Home, located on the Redmond campus in the Executive Briefing Center, is an envisioning of the family home in the very near future where connected experiences and devices take their next logical steps and beyond.

Draw on the Walls with Your Pee


The Thermochromic Urinal takes peeing to the next level with a heat sensitive wall that changes colors to reflect the temperature change.

Indonesian Policeman Dancing & Lip Sync’ing to Hindi Song


An officer of the Brimob division of Indonesian police lip sync’ing to the Hindi song “Chaiya Chaiya”.

We Pray For Japan

We Pray For Japan Bracelet Designed By Lady Gaga

International stars like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys express their support for Japan. How?

Samsonite Cosmolite

Samsonite Cosmolite

Samsonite Cosmolite is claimed to be the strongest and lightest Samsonite ever. How strong is it actually?

How to Get Eggs? Angry Birds Go Bing!


Bing is teaming with Rovio, the folks behind the cultural phenomenon, Angry Birds, to put a new twist on the birds vs. pigs saga. As a result, they released series of funny, cute, adorable videos about the pigs scheming creative ways to get their hooves on the treasured eggs.

Japan Origami Museum at Narita Airport


Japan Origami Museum, located at Narita International Airport, has over 400 traditional origami exhibits. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Enjoy these photos and videos taken at the museum.

The Real-Life Balloon House From Pixar’s Up!


This is awesome! The team from National Geographic have created a real-life “balloon-house” version of Pixar’s animated hit film, Up. Yes, a house tied to gas balloons that actually flies.

Fake Rolex Watches in China


In China, don’t be surprised if suddenly a group of Chinese watch sellers approach you on the street and start selling you ‘Rolex’ watches.

First Person View From Google Self-Driving Car’s Cockpit


At this week’s TED conference, Google are giving rides to some lucky attendees its self-driving cars. Watch the video below. Beware of the swearing and f-word because the effing car is effing driving itself!!!