Shangri-La Wedding Gift Salt and Pepper Shaker

Shangri-La Wedding Salt and Pepper Shaker

Received a beautiful gift (souvenir) from a friend’s wedding party at Shangri-La Singapore. Let’s take a peek inside.

Santa Claus Soaring in F-16


Who needs Rudolph, the reindeers, and that stupid red flying sled if you can fly on a F-16? I wonder if the plane would fire gingerbread, candy cane, and jelly bean…

Watch This Spectacular Dubai’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks


Dubai’s New Year’s Eve 2013 Firework is definitely on a whole new level compared to other places’, and might just be the best of the best. This amazing photograph by Gerald Donovan is proof. Also, watch the official video and be amazed.

Witness Nature Going Through Seasonal Change


Watch this beautiful timelapse video of Central Park, New York going through seasonal change!

Think Twice Before You Smoke Shisha


Shisha or hookah is an instrument for smoking flavored tobacco. Many people think that shisha is a safe alternative to cigarette due to its fruity smell and lack of tobacco aftertaste, but they are wrong.

Indonesia, The BlackBerry Nation

BlackBerry Logo

Welcome to Indonesia, the BlackBerry nation!

While people in other countries have ditched their BlackBerry phones and switched to iPhone or Android phones, Indonesians still remain loyal to BlackBerry.

Indonesians of all segments (housewives, students, office workers, drivers and even park rangers) are hooked up to their BlackBerry phones almost everywhere: in shopping malls, restaurants, schools, offices and even remote locations. Some people even carry two or three BlackBerry phones! A joke in Indonesia says that you may end up being a social outcast or labeled as uncool if you don’t have a BlackBerry.

The New York Times Is Developing Magical Dining Table


The New York Times Company R&D Lab is using Microsoft Surface technology to envision the future where reading the newspaper on a tabletop is commonplace.

Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of Australian Night Sky


It took Alex Cherney over a year to compile his 30 hours of footage shot in Victoria, Australia, but I’m sure it’s worth it, as I am really really in awe watching his video of our wonderful world…

Arsenal Players Speak Chinese For Arsenal Asia Tour 2011 Promo


Stumbled upon this pretty adorable video about my favorite Football Club, Arsenal, and I thought I have to share this… The team are going for Asia Tour for 2011 holiday/pre-season, and they created this promo video…

Explore The Disneyland From Your Living Room


Using the magic of Kinect for Xbox 360, this “Disneyland Adventures” video game allows children, families and Disney fans of all ages to explore Disneyland park, step into attractions, engage in challenging quests and interact with beloved Disney characters using motions.