Cathay Pacific Travel Fair


Photos from Cathay Pacific Travel Fair
Supermal Pakuwon Surabaya
23-26 October 2014

Santa Claus Soaring in F-16


Who needs Rudolph, the reindeers, and that stupid red flying sled if you can fly on a F-16? I wonder if the plane would fire gingerbread, candy cane, and jelly bean…

Kobe vs Messi: Legends on Board – Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Kobe Bryant Leo Messi Ad

Another creative ad by Turkish Airlines, featuring LA Lakers player Kobe Bryant and soccer star Lionel Messi who compete to get a little fanboy’s attention. Who will the boy choose? Find out more…

Japan Airlines Serves Kentucky Fried Chicken On Flights!

Japan Airlines - Air Kentucky Fried Chicken (Source: AFP)

KFC’s latest branches are now open onboard Japan Airlines. The airline has announced plans to serve KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) on its flights from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to American and European destinations throughout holiday period.

Air New Zealand – The Hobbit Safety Video

Air New Zealand - The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

In conjunction with the release of of Sir Peter Jackson’s latest film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Air New Zealand has launched its own epic production, a Hobbit and Middle-earth inspired in-flight safety video delivered by elves, dwarves, Hobbits and wizards. What a creative way to communicate the importance of safety to the airline passengers!

Singapore Airline’s Last Boeing 747 Flight

Singapore Airlines Boeing 747

After four decades of service, Singapore Airlines has bid farewell to the last of its Boeing 747 fleet. Farewell Boeing 747…

Jadwal Penerbangan Dari Surabaya Ke Singapura

Surabaya Singapore Flights

Ternyata ada banyak alternatif penerbangan dari Surabaya ke Singapura. Bagi Anda yang belum tahu, berikut ini adalah jadwal lengkapnya.

Lion Air Now Flies From Surabaya To Singapore

Lion Air

Lion Air now flies from Surabaya to Singapore daily!

Windows in Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is Magical


Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner has the best windows ever. The plane no longer uses a pull-down plastic shade, and instead replaces it with a larger, dimming window that can be adjusted to let in various amounts of light.

Singapore Airlines To Launch A New Low-cost Airline

Singapore Airlines Logo

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has announced plans to launch a new no-frills, low-fare airline operating widebody aircraft on both medium and long-haul routes. The new airline will be wholly owned by Singapore Airlines, but will be operated independently and managed separately. Operations will start as early as next year.