Bubble Tea Craze in Singapore

Ten years ago, Singapore was hit by bubble tea craze when the popular Taiwanese drink was first introduced in the country. More than five years after its bubble burst, the craze for the curious concoction is back.

Bubble tea or pearl tea is a tea drink which contains sugar, milk and pearls – chewy balls made of tapioca. The popular drink was invented in Taiwan.

KOI Cafe

Two of the popular chains here, KOI Cafe and Gong Cha, have witnessed regular snaking queues with as long as 45-minute waiting times despite prices of the drinks have soared to S$4-6 per cup.

Long queue at Gong Cha outlet

Customers praise the two chains for their distinctive flavors, fancy add-ons such as pudding and jelly, as well as customizable sugar levels: 0, 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent.

So, how long more will the craze last? You decide :)

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