Batman Bin Suparman

Believe it or not, there exists a person with this interesting name: Batman Bin Suparman. Wow, two superheroes – Batman and Suparman (close enough to Superman) in one person.

From his identification card, the person is a Singaporean, Javanese race and born on 13 May 1990 in Singapore. The literal translation of his name means Batman, son of Suparman.

This new “superhero” is yet to be a member of the League of Extraordinary Superheroes, but he has a Facebook Fan Club with over 8,000 fans.

In the Internet, we also find the following funny story about his name.

Customs Official: May I know your name?
Passenger: Batman
Customs Official: What’s your name!?
Passenger: My name is Batman
Customs Official: Trying to be funny!? What’s your surname?
Passenger: Suparman
Customs Official: So you’re telling me your name is Batman Suparman?
Passenger: Yes
Customs Official: Arrest this guy…

When they had him in custody and asked him to show his identification card…

Batman Bin Suparman

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