Bare Essentials Of Safety From Air New Zealand

If you have been on a flight for many (many) times, probably you have seen enough the the on-board safety demonstration until you can even memorize it. Be it demonstrated live or via the screen in front of your seat, the presentation format is standard and quite monotonous across all airlines. For myself, I’ll usually skip that part and go to sleep until the flight attendant wakes me up to serve food.

Next time you’re on a flight, what will it take for you to pay attention to the on-board safety demonstration?

On 20 June 2009, Air New Zealand (ANZ) staff bared all in the name of safety to create a fresh on-board safety demonstration video, with flight attendant dressed in nothing but body paint. Covering all the “bare essentials,” from oxygen masks to how to wear life jackets, the safety video is informative, hilarious (”Smoking is a big no-no”) and will no doubt keep your eyes on the screen: Just when you think you’ll get a peak at something scandalous, over comes a seat belt or a life jacket.

Air New Zealand Bare Essentials

The casts are real cabin crew members. According to the AP report, it took about three hours to apply the body paint to each person.

The people are certainly watching, making the video one of the most popular ad videos on YouTube with over a million views. Watch now!

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