Bakso is the Indonesian word for meatball. Bakso also refers to a popular Indonesian dish which consists of bakso (meatballs) usually served in a bowl with soup, noodles or vermicelli (called bakmi or mi), beancurds (called tahu), siomay, pangsit and vegetables.

Siomay is an irregularly-shaped meatball, wrapped in a dumpling skin. Pangsit is similar to siomay, but contains less meat. Both of them are usually fried.

Bakso is usually eaten with sauce, either tomato or (extra hot) chili.

Bakso is mostly sold by peddlers. The seller is affectionately called bang or cak (brother) and carries a gerobak (mobile stall). Bakso is also commonly sold in warung (small stall).

In the 90’s, there was a popular Indonesian children song entitled “Abang Tukang Bakso” (Brother Meatball Seller), sung my a child singer, Melissa and the late comedian, Bagio. Watch the video!

Here is the English translation of the lyrics:

Brother Meatball Seller, come here quickly. I want to buy.
Brother Meatball Seller, quickly come here! I cannot stand anymore.
Give me one bowl only for two hundreds silver (rupiah). With a lot of meatballs.
Without any sauce. Without chili sauce. Also without cabbage.
Meatball is round, like a ping pong (table tennis) ball.
If it passes by, my stomach becomes hungry.
Children, do not lie. If you lie, a toothless goat will bite you.

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