Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet is an Indonesian smashed fried chicken served with spicy sambal, vegetables, rice and poya (a brown-colored powder of fried garlic mixed with shrimp crackers). The name originates from Indonesian words ayam which means chicken and penyet which means flattened or smashed.

Ayam Penyet (Indonesian Smashed Chicken)

During preparation of the dish, the fried chicken is smashed in a mortar using a pestle to soften the meat. Subsequently, the chicken is served with sambal (Indonesian chili sauce), vegetables and rice with poya sparked on top. Here’s a closer look at the dish.

Ayam Penyet (Indonesian Smashed Chicken)

This is Ayam Penyet Ria, the restaurant which is famous for its smashed fried chicken. One of its branches are located at Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, Singapore.

Ayam Penyet Ria Singapore

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