Angry Woman on Singapore MRT Train

The following video shows a Singaporean woman in a heavy make up angrily launched verbal abuse at other MRT passengers in a mixture of English and Hokkien.

Angry Woman On Singapore MRT

Angry Woman On Singapore MRT

First she insults and waves the water bottle on her hand to the passengers standing in front of her. In the next moment, she is seen whispering to two passengers sitting next to her, an Indian and a young man sitting on the seat reserved for the elderly and pregnant, with a hand gesture telling that she asks for money.

The Indian passenger ignores her and moves away. However, she suddenly launches another verbal tirade at the young man who was playing with his portable gaming device and chased him away.

“You pregnant ah? Pregnant you sit here ah? You siao (crazy)! You pregnant ah? Stand up!” she scolded the man before moving into the seat as the man leaves.

Later it was known from her sister that the woman suffers from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a persistent, often chronic, mental disorder variously affecting behavior, thinking, and emotion.

Set the woman aside, the lesson learnt from this story is to be courteous when taking a public transportation: give up your seat to the elderly, pregnant woman and the disabled and do not occupy the priority seats reserved for the elderly, pregnant woman and the disabled.

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