I Would Not Eat This Incredible Angry Birds Cake

When I stumbled upon the pic of Angry Birds cake, there’s really nothing to say except that this stuff is incredible, too good to eat, too good to be true… Created by “aspiring cake artist” Anya Richardson, it is a real labour of love.

In my opinion, this is the best homage ever made for angry birds. There were pretty good homage about angry birds themed plush toys and costumes a few months ago but all of those homages are nowhere near as good as this one.

Sadly, this amazing cake by Anya Richardson may also be the only one of its kind, according to its creator’s tweet.

“Had someone ask how much $ to order the Angry Birds cake. It’d take a miracle for me to ever attempt to make that one again. lol”.

What’s more sad is that it would be such a shame to eat it or even touch it… I hope she put a lot of chemicals to make the cake lasts forever like McDonald’s Happily Ever After Meal.

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