AirAsia Attacks Tiger Airways In Newspaper Ads

The rivalry between two budget airlines: Malaysia-based AirAsia and Singapore-based Tiger Airways is getting more and more intense. AirAsia recently launched straightforward attacks to its rival in full-page advertisements, published in Singapore newspapers: Straits Times and Business Times.

The advertisement depicts a cartoon of a crying tiger cub and features a large tag-line: ‘If Tigers were meant to fly, they would be born with wings.’ The ad is addressed to criticize Tiger’s flight cancellations in August and in the first week of October, which resulted in hundreds of stranded passengers.

To distinguish itself from Tiger, AirAsia also says in the ad that it is ‘guaranteed to fly every day’.

Air Asia Attacks Tiger Airways Newspaper Advertisment

Air Asia Attacks Tiger Airways Newspaper Advertisement

Tiger Airways, headed by British Tony Davis, had earlier expressed disappointment over AirAsia head Tony Fernandes with his allegedly racist  “white guys” remarks.

In a recent Bangkok Post newspaper article, Fernandes expressed his scepticism over Westerners running any successful Asia-based business, “We’re Asians, not a bunch of white guys running the airlines.” This caused the eruption of the war between the two Tonys.

The saga continues…

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